District Poznań

Poznań District comprises 17 well economically developed communes whose activities and first-rate organisation has often been noted and appreciated. The region, located in the centre of Western Poland, around Poznań (a potent business centre and the capital of Wielkopolska) has, for many years, been attracting global corporations and the representatives of the SME sector. Communes surrounding Poznań are: Buk, Czerwonak, Dopiewo, Kleszczewo, Komorniki, Kostrzyn, Kórnik, Luboń, Mosina, Murowana Goślina, Pobiedziska, Puszczykowo, Rokietnica, Stęszew, Suchy Las, Swarzędz and Tarnowo Podgórne.

Poznań District is one of the biggest in the country and the biggest district in Wielkopolska Region. It covers and area of 1899,61 km2

The region is also a crossing point for major Polish transportation routes. Reaching the District is easy due to its excellent location by the A2 Motorway which connects Berlin and Warsaw, its numerous express roads, an extensive grid of local roads and railway lines (including a container terminal in Gądki) as well as the proximity of an international airport in Poznań. The district is located in direct neighbourhood of Poznań, the region's capital and an important trade, cultural and educational centre of Poland, which makes it the more interesting as an investment spot for entrepreneurs.